Fast & Fixed Dental Implants


  • Fast and Fixed dental implants is a comprehensive system developed by Bredent Sky Dental Implants in order to load toothless jaws immediately with implants.

    The fast and fixed dental implants system allows the dentist to extract tooth/teeth, place implants, and carry out immediate dental restoration in one single day. Fast and Fixed dental implants can be applied in Citydent Istanbul


Application of Fast and Fixed Dental Implants

    • This system of fast and fixed is used for completely toothless mouths or when all the teeth available need to be extracted. In one single session,
    • Loose or periodontically troubling teeth are extracted.
    • Avoiding areas with sinus ptosis or nerve canals, the dentist loads the upper jaw with 6 and the lower jaw with 4 angular implants.
    • Angular fast and fixed abutments, which help the implants take parallel positions, are screwed on to the implants.
    • Measurement analogues are placed on the abutments to make the measurements.
    • After the measurement analogues are removed, gum moulders are applied on the abutments and the session is terminated.
    •  Temporary dentures are prepared in the laboratory according to the measurements and are fixed into the patient’s mouth within 24 hours after the first session.
    •  The next day, the patient has temporary but fixed teeth.

Points to consider before Fast & Fixed Dental Implants

    • Anatomical structure of the mouth must be evaluated well and areas as sinus cavities and nerve canals must be avoided.
    • Measurements must be made diligently according to tomographic images. Otherwise, unwanted complications may occur.
    • The implants must be placed firmly on the bone. Therefore, the dentist to carry out the procedure should be experienced and knowledgeable about the system.
    • Temporary fixed dentures must be as durable as possible. Otherwise, the dentures might fall into pieces and this may cause further troubles.
    • The patient must be very careful about his/her oral care. Especially for the first 3-4 months, dentures must be cleaned with mouthwash.
    • Otherwise, infections may develop.
    • The patient must avoid eating hard foods for the first 40-60 days and should consume soft foods only.
    • If this warning is ignored, over-loading may result in implant loss.
    • Dentures: This is the last stage of treatment where the placed implants are observed and covered with suitable permanent dentures and the treatment is finished.

Advantages of Fas & Fixed Dental Implants

    • The most important advantage is that this system offers fixed teeth. The patients get rid of his/her detachable dentures in one single day. Even temporary fixed dentures provide the patient with comfort compared to the detachable ones.
    • This system does not require a second surgical procedure. The fixed denture stage starts directly with measurements. Because the patient can use his/her temporary dentures until the fixed ones are ready, he/she will quite comfortable until the last stage.
    • Patients with a lower jaw with very athrophic and large-scale osteoporosis (bone loss) are also provided with the opportunity to have fixed dentures.
    • Fixed teeth can be used in back areas with sinus ptosis without the necessity to carry out a sinus lifting procedure. By this means, the patient does not have to go under more traumatic, large-scale surgical operations.
    • Since the system allows for the placement of longer implants, it is possible to have more fixed teeth with fewer implants.
    • (4 in lower and 6 in upper jaw)
    • Because this system can be applied in a hybrid way, it is also possible to offer pink gums.
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