After the implant placement when can my denture be applied?

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Unfortunately, we cannot do a denture immediately after the implant placement, because the implant, made out of appropriate material, needs a specific time to integrate with the jawbone. The time for this is minimum 2 months for the lower jaw and 3 months for the upper jaw.

After the required time, prosthetic tooth is placed on the implant and when this denture acquires the mastication function of the tooth, there is some pressure on the implant and when this pressure happens, this is exactly the point when the jawbone immerses with the implant.

According to the bone quality,

According to the holding power of the implant in the first placement (primary stabilization),

According to the complexity of the operation, if the procedure is going to happen in multiple operations.

It may extend under these circumstances,

Sometimes a few operations are necessary in order to achieve sufficient aesthetics in the frontal part and the final touch to the denture and the end of treatment may take up to a year.

However, again in many circumstances, following a few weeks of recuperation after the operation, and sometimes even right after the operation, temporary dentures are made. Such temporary dentures comfort the patients in terms of function and appearance as necessary.

Some implant companies announced that prosthetic tooth can be done immediately after the operation and direct loading applications were initiated by our colleagues in 2003.  However, long researches prove that the healthiest way in the implant application is waiting sufficiently for the implant and bone to integrate into one another and keeping the implant passively in the bone during this time.

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