Orthodontic Implants


  • Orthodontic implants are mini implants in the form of a screw and are used contributively in orthodontic treatment of tooth disorders.

    Orthodontic implants are used in orthodontic treatments rather than implantology.

    The implantologist is only responsible for the loading of the areas asked by the orthodontist with screw teeth.

Fields of application?

  • Orthodontic implants support the treatment process of crooked teeth and shorten the treatment duration in the long run.


  • The orthodontic implant is screwed on the requested area without any surgical procedures.

    The crown of the screw tooth is left outside for the placement of orthodontic strings or rubbers.

    (they are not completely buried in the bone)

    The tooth to be restored is connected to the screw tooth with a string or piece of rubber.

    With orthodontic implants, it is possible to pull the teeth which cannot be restored with dental bracelets towards the required direction with the required force.



  • Thanks to our knowledge, skills, experience and technological opportunities, we are now capable of replacing all the teeth (in total 12-14 implants) and treating even toothless mouths in one day.

    In some cases, the surgical procedure can be divided into a few sessions, especially for the comfort of the patient. Our average surgery time for a single dental implant is 15 minutes, though this duration differs from patient to patient.

    The wait time before a standard implant is covered with a tooth prosthesis after the surgical procedure is 2-3 months for the lower jaw and 3-5 months for the upper. The wait time is compulsory because there must appear a healthy bone tissue between the implant and mandible before further procedures. After waiting for a sufficient amount of time, the placed implants are opened and measured during the prosthesis stage. The prosthesis stage is complete in 2-3 sessions and takes about a week before the treatment is finished.

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