Immediate Implant



  • Taking the measurements of the implants and preparing temporary or permanent dentures in one single stage. Some implant brands have developed systems that can be used for immediate loading. Although the best and safest known implant application is the standard (two-stage) application, a number of implants operations performed through a one-stage procedure have also produced healthy and successful results thanks to recent advances. You can consult us to learn if your treatment is applicable to this method.

Advantages of one day implant

  • The most important advantage is that the toothless area is immediately loaded with temporary dentures.

    It eliminates the obligation to use removable partial dentures for months.

    Temporary dentures are fixed because they are connected with the dental implants. Therefore, this technique also eliminates the other disadvantages of removable dentures.

    In this method, aesthetic problems are immediately solved with temporary fixed dentures and this psychologically relieves the patient from his/her concerns.

    Since it is possible to preserve the gum structure with the immediate loading method, this method produces more aesthetic results compared to two-stage surgery.

    Immediate loading also shortens the time required for the implants to integrate with the bone, also called osseointegration.


  • It is possible to prepare a surgical guide of the patient before the implants operation by taking dental tomographic images and in-mouth measurements.

    This method enables immediate loading of temporary dentures by using the computerized cad-cam system after the placement of implants under the guidance of the available surgical guide.


It is possible to place the implants with open or closed-surgery methods.

The purpose of the surgical procedure is to provide a sufficient stability for the implants.

After the sufficient stability is achieved, we take the measurements in the same session and prepare the over-implants dentures within 24 hours.

The treatment is completed by screwing or cementing temporary dentures on the implants.

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