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Nur Canbek / Coordinator

Well come to the Dental Trip İstanbul website...

  • Hi ! My name is  Nur Canbek. Dental Trip Istanbul - Patient Coordinator. Dental Trip Istanbul is a team of internationally accustomed individuals, having lived abroad for many years. We therefore have an acute understanding of your troubles, concerns, and needs. Treatment quality is very important, and identifying a high quality clinic can be exceedingly difficult. We ensure that we offer the highest standards of service, price and performance and will assist you over the course of your treatment and provide you with quality, bespoke treatment.


Is Dental Trip Istanbul a tourism agency?

  • We are not a travel agency. We do not receive any commission from the patients.
    We provide the best advice for all your health-related needs through careful consideration of all your pre- and post-treatment requirements, such as airport transfer and hotel reservation, with a view towards ensuring a relaxed, comfortable stay in Istanbul.

What are your consultation and treatment fees?

  • We do not charge any fees for consultations or panoramic X-ray and 3D tomography services. Our dentists will provide you with detailed information about your treatment process including a recommended treatment plan and prices of different procedures. Treatment prices will remain fixed for 6 months following consultation.

Can I find the right dental implant brand for my budget?

  • Dental Trip Istanbul works with 12 implant brands as seen under the heading "brands" on our website. This means you can choose one of the world's well-known brands as well as other implant brands with high quality standards.  There is a choice of implant treatment for every budget.

Do you have a customer service where I can get information about the city or emergency situations?

Dental Trip Istanbul serves and assists patients 24/7 hours during treatment. We are committed to provide the highest quality of services at every stage, starting with the first communication with our patients and throughout their treatment.

Do I need to pay if I've come in for consultation but have decided not to start the treatment process?

As mentioned above, there is no charge for consultation, panoramic X-ray and 3D tomography. Dental Trip Istanbul's patients will not be charged before the treatment process has begun.

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