Whole Ceramic Crown


Advatages of Whole Ceramic Aesthetic Crown treatment in Dental Trip İstanbul

  • Using Ivoclar  EMAX brand to prepare whole ceramic aesthetic crowns.

    Mockup option to see final teeth before preperation

    Techinichen labrotory  qualified technichiens

    State of art electronic colour dedection machine for matching of new teeth

    Whole aesthetic dental treatments are under Dental Trip Istanbul guarantee program.


  • Whole-ceramic aesthetic dental crowns are the most advanced types of crowns in terms of aesthetics. They contain either reinforced porcelain or completely reinforced blocks of porcelain in their infrastructure.

Fields of application for asthetic full ceramic crowns

  • Single ceramic crowning of the front teeth

    Bridging works for front teeth with considerable material loss which may hinder lamination.

    Crowning of single teeth in the back of the mouth and occasionally in short bridges applied when there is a single missing tooth.


  • Up to 8 teeth: 4 to 6 working days

    Over 8 teeth: 5 to 7 working days

    Ussualy we suggest the longest period (6 days or 7 days) at the above. Aesthetic teeth require dilligent work and we want you to test your new teet with temporary glue for few days.(sunday is not included to the working days)

    We prioritize our patients coming from abroad and provide the best plan possible without making any compromises to quality. We are open for 6 days of the week till late hours.

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