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Why choose us?

  • Hundred thousands of patients  come Turkey for treatment each year and dental implants has an important portion in that.  Qualification of dentists and technology is as good as most advanced countries of Europe and prices are much cheaper. As Dental Trip İstanbul  we have thousands of foreign patients from all over the world.

    You can ask all sort of questions of you to us. We will inform you via mail, Whatsapp or call according to your preferred channel.

What do you need to get a dental treatment in Istanbul?

  • Send us your communication number and/or email address and describe your present condition of your mouth. We will contact with you as soon as possible to decide your treatment plan and to inform duration and cost. We will give you more concrete answers if you send us your Xray. We can also assist you for your accommodation requirements in Istanbul.

    We dont ask for pre-payment or commitment for treatment. You have a right to not begin treatment after free of charge consultation. You have to be sure about us and you should give up if you have any slightest suspicion.  We respect your decision.

Which implant brand does Dental Trip Istanbul supported and what is the price range?

  • We are supporting 12 different implant brands as Nobel, ITI Straumman, Astra Tech, Innova, Trias, Bego, Xive, Anclios, CSM, WIS, Tekka, 3I. All of them are internationally well known A grade titanium implants and we are very satisfied from results of them for many years. We are also using one of the best graft brand Bioss during surgery.  All the materials and equipment which are being used during surgery are certified well know international brands. You can get more info from our supported implant pages.

    We are not publishing prices of our clinic in the internet. But that is very simple to learn our prices. Just fill in the form in one minute and we will inform you via mail or phone for all the prices you had asked. Abutment prices are included to implants prices, some of the clinics in Turkey charge for abutment separately. Our prosthesis and advanced surgery prices (bone augmentation, open sinus lifting, etc.) will be informed as well. There is no fee for diagnosis and roentgens. Please consider all prices together with quality of clinic and equipment while making comparison. There is not any hidden cost of us. We are not increasing price of some treatment while decreasing price of some of treatment for marketing proposes. We have a black and white pricing policy. There is no surprise for you after beginning of treatment.

How long does it take?

  • We offer appointments every day for international patients who are in need of immediate treatment. Thanks to our knowledge, skills, experience and technological opportunities, we are now capable of replacing all the teeth in a mouth (in total 12-14 implants) and treating even toothless mouths in one day. In some cases, the surgical procedure can be divided into a few sessions, especially for the comfort of the patient. Our average time of surgery for a single dental implant is 15 minutes, though this duration differs from patient to patient.

    The wait time before a standard implant is loaded with dentures after the surgical procedure is 2-3 months for the lower jaw and 3-5 months for the upper. The wait time is compulsory because there must appear a healthy bone tissue between the implants and mandible before further procedures. After waiting for a sufficient amount of time, the placed implants are opened and measured in this stage. Periof of prothesis phase,

    Up to 8 teeth: 5 or 6 working days

    More than 8 teeth: 6 or  7 working days

    For custom implants,

    Up to 8 teeth: 6 or 7 working days

    More than 8 teeth: 7 or  8 working days

    We can complete treatment in a shorter time. But we don’t prefer. Our target is long term success and we should do our work diligently and we should obey all the steps of high standard treatment procedures.

    Sunday is not included to working days.

İmplant tedavisi cerrahi ve protez aşaması dahil ne kadar sürede yapılır?


Surgical placement of dental implants on toothless areas after the relevant area or areas are anaesthetised. Numbing is often provided locally by anaesthetising the relevant area(s). However, in certain cases it is also possible to carry out the surgical procedure with general anaesthesia by putting the patient to sleep.

The surgical procedure can be carried out by using open and/or closed surgery methods.

Open Surgery Method:

The surgeon in person observes the hard-tissue area where the dental implant will be placed and carries out the surgical procedure. In this method, the surgeon lacerates the soft tissue and visually observes the bone area by opening it up.  When the procedure is finished, the lacerated area is closed by suturing. Dental implants Istanbul.

Closed Surgery Method (flapless): 

Also known as the non-operative method. In this method, the dental tomographic image and in-mouth measurements of the patient are used to prepare a surgical guide of the area where the implant will be placed. This guide helps the surgeon not lacerate and remove gums in order to place the dental implant. This method also does not require suturing because there are no scalpel-cut tooth areas. Dental implants Istanbul.

Immediant Implant Method: 

In most cases, it is possible to place a dental implant into the socket of the removed tooth right after extraction. This method is similar to the closed surgery method in that it does not involve any flaps or lacerations; yet, it is also similar to the open surgery method since it also enables the surgeon to visually observe the bone area where the dental implant will be placed. This method often does not require suturing. It is quite an advantageous method as it shortens the time required for the procedure and that it does not require a second operation. After the dental implant surgery, the toothless area of the patient is often loaded with a set of dentures. However, not all cases and surgical procedures require the use of temporary dentures. Dental implants Istanbul.


Controling integration of implant with bone via roentgens

Opening small holes on gum to screw gum shaper. Using of implant dedector at this stage makes finding of implant place easier. That is possible to take impression of teeth at the same seance via this technology.

We have to wait 4 or 5 days to take imrassion by open surgery method without implant locator.

Preparation of metal or zirconium structure in the laboratory.

Test of structure of prosthesis and abutment in the mouth. Impression of porcelain teeth

Test of veneer in the mouth next session.

Do you give guaranty for Dental Implants?

Implants and prosthesis are under our guaranty program. Consult us for detail of our guarantee program. Dental Implants Turkey.

What kind of technologies do you have ?

  • We use the following equipment in our implant surgeries to make the most of advanced surgical techniques; surgical physiodispenser, surgical piezzo device, PRF, hard and soft tissue lasers, hard and soft tissue grafts, advanced surgical handpieces, dental tomographic imaging systems, and computerized cad-cam systems. Technology of dental implants treatment in Tukey is higher than many countries.
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