Zirconium Based Porcelain Crowns


Advantages of Dental Trip İstanbul

  • Using internationally famous zirconium brands as AummanGirbach, Metoxit and Zirconzahn

    All the zirconium brands  that we use  are internationally tested and radiation free

    Laser supported treatment for gum scaling during dental treatment

    Techinichen labrotory with qualified technichiens

    State of art electronic colour dedection machine for matching of new teeth


  • Zirconium is used as the infrastructure material. Since it is quite similar to natural teeth in terms of colour, transparency and durability, zirconium is the most advanced material that provides both aesthetic and durable properties at the same time. Blended with experience, knowledge, diligence and technology, zirconium is the best material to produce successful dentures.

What do you need to do?

  • Do you want aesthetic teeth? There would be more than one alternative for you or all the alternatives would not be suitable for you. Zirconium based porclain crowns, full porclain ceramic crowns, laminate veneers and inlay/onlay fillings are alternative to each other in some circumtanses. We can tell you what are your alternatives if you send us photos of your teeth. Just describe what would you like to have. We will show them to our aesthetic dentists and return you with answers.

Advanteges of Zirconium

  • No greyish colour occurs on gums in time and looks like natural teeth.

    Does not cause any allergic reactions.

    Far more durable than whole-ceramic and laminated crowns and as strong as the metal infrastructure.

    Heat conductivity of zirconium is less than other types of crowns.

Aesthetic Teeth Treatment Period

Up to 8 teeth: 4 to 6 working days

Over 8 teeth: 5 to 7 working days

Ussualy we suggest the longest period (6 days or 8 days) at the above. Aesthetic teeth require dilligent work and we want you to test your new teet with temporary glue for few days.(sunday is not included to the working days)

If the tooth or teeth to be applied dentures require an extensive root canal or gum treatment, the number of sessions may increase.

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