Tooth Whitening/Bleaching

Advantages of tooth whitening treatment in Dental Trip Istanbul

  • We have option of both clinic type and home type bleaching / teeth whitening in our clinic

    Clinic type bleaching can be applied via laser as well

     We suggest application of home type and clinic type teeth whitening together for long term success.

    Plaque of home type  teeth whitening can be prepared in one day in our inhouse labrotory

    One hour is sufficient for clinic type  teeth whitening and one day for home type teeth whitening 


  • Tooth bleaching is the application of certain bleaching materials on the tooth surface in order to remove yellowing and tooth stains and it does not require the abrasion and/or crowning of the tooth with other materials.


  • Home bleaching: This is a method that the patient can use on his/her own at home following the instructions given by the dentist.

    Clinic bleaching: Apply by dentist

    Combined method: This method involves the application of both home and clinic methods. Research show that only if both methods are efficiently used together, is it possible to achieve the desired whiteness and maintain the colour for a longer time.

    Single tooth bleaching: This method is used for teeth that have lost their natural colour due to root canal therapy.

    Laser bleaching:

    Contrary to popular belief, tooth bleaching is not possible by only using a laser light source. Some bleaching chemicals are produced in a way to become active when they get into contact with a certain wave length of a light source. While some of these are activated by the wave length of ultraviolet (UV) light sources, some are activated by LED lights, and some by laser light sources.


  • Home bleaching: Varies between 5 days and 2 weeks.

    Clinic bleaching: Lasts for about 45 min – 1,5 hours if applied by an experienced dentist (the procedure can be repeated if the achieved whiteness is not satisfactory).

    Single tooth bleaching:

    1-4 sessions

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